Collective results of what we have obtained for clients:

Rear-End Accident – Suffered Neck Injuries
A 55 year old male technician for AT&T was rear ended and suffered neck injuries which resulted in a surgical intervention. The matter was settled with the insurer just before proceeding to trial for the sum of $ 1,300,000.00.

Rear-End Accident – Severe Back Injuries
A 45 year old male was rear ended and suffered severe back injuries that effect his work as a tree trimmer . We received a jury verdict of $1,085,000.00.

Rear-End Accident – Suffered Severe Headaches
A medical doctor was hit by a vehicle and it caused him to have headaches which in turn delayed his studies as a specialist radiologist. The matter was settled after a long fight for policy limits of $1,000,000.00.

Auto-Collision Resulted in Brain Trauma and Spinal Injury
A young man injured in a car accident that resulted in a mild traumatic brain injury as well as a herniated lumbar spine that delayed his professional advancement – insurer paid $1 million policy limit prior to trial.

Rear-End Accident Resulted in Severe Lumbar Spine Pain
Rear-end accident resulted in a 45 year old man suffering from severe lumbar spine pain that doctors say will eventually require a lumbar fusion – Verdict $ 1,086,000



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